By gathering together the unique aesthetic of our
three world-renowned decorative lighting manufacturers,
Littman Brands Contract offers an invaluable one-stop
lighting resource for designers and architects.

Hudson Valley Lighting®, a producer of high-grade
interior lighting since 1995, prides itself on constant
close attention to detail, craftsmanship and quality.
With designs spanning from elegant vintage to inviting
modern, Hudson Valley Lighting creates tomorrow’s
classics today.

Troy Lighting, established in 1963, provides a
treasure trove for projects that specify tactile materials
such as rope, linen, leather, wood and forged iron.
Many Troy fixtures apply natural touches to industrial
inspirations to create that much sought after
“industrial chic” look.

Corbett Lighting is celebrated for visually striking,
handcrafted art pieces. Like jewelry for ceilings and walls,
bias-cut crystals glitter and gleam across Corbetts’s array of one-of-a-kind fixtures.

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