ADA Compliance is No Limitation on Style: A Taster of Littman Brands’ ADA Sconces

Here at Littman Brands Contract Lighting, we go above and beyond when it comes to design. We attribute our knowledge and standards in this industry to 50+ years of experience and a portfolio that is packed with projects with varying needs. As you know, one of these imperative needs is complying with ADA.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was enacted into law in 1991, mandating an array of changes in design and layout to accommodate those who are disabled. Relevant to our industry, Section 4.4 of this act states that “Objects projecting from walls with their leading edges between 27 inches and 80 inches above the finished floor shall protrude no more than 4 inches into walks, halls, corridors, passageways, or aisles.” When our designs allow for it, we strive to offer sconces conforming to this standard, with style. Many of the sconces our brands offer are already ADA compliant, making specifying wall sconces for your project that much easier.

Below we’ve gathered a collection of our favorite ADA sconces to make sourcing a little more fun. These sconces pulled from Hudson Valley Lighting, Troy, Corbett, and Mitzi by HVL demonstrate the vast range of shapes, styles, and themes that’ll make your project as cool as it is compliant.

In this mix for Hudson Valley Lighting, we find contemporary contrasts, ribbed shades, eclectic metals, and textural details. Pictured left to right is Galway, Shaw, Downing, Lowell, and Meridian.

Troy’s collection of sconces below exudes edgier twists on design, mixing in graphite finishes, glass and fabric shades, charred copper, and rebar. (Tattoo, pictured second from left, is made of rebar which is short for reinforcing bar — a steel material that is rarely used in lighting!) Pictured from left to right is Palladium, Tattoo, Roxbury, Prism, and Chime.

Though sconces tend to be small, Corbett’s sconces are nothing short of statement-makers. Elaborate design and a glamorous use of materials like glass and crystal, pictured below are Romeo, Alibi, Pipe Dream, Blur, Method, and Moscato.

With Mitzi, fun and fresh design pairs with classic finishes, creating cute and compliant sconces like Ava, Aiko, Tara, Britt, and Lexi.

While we hope our collections guide you with inspiration, the options don’t stop here. Discover more in-line ADA compliant sconces with the help of our websites.

On our site, go to our Products page. To modify your search, check the box “ADA Compliant” and click “Refine.”

On Hudson Valley Lighting’s navigation, click “Products” then go to “Filter and Sort.” Check off “ADA Compliant” and any other preferences you desire.

On Troy’s main website, it’s a similar situation. Go to “All Interior Products” under “Interior.” Then select the “Filter and Sort” dropdown menu, checking off “ADA Compliant.”

Same goes for Corbett! Products All Products Filter and Sort.

As for Mitzi by HVL, you can identify if a product is within ADA standards by selecting each product’s spec sheet. From any product, click “More+” and look under specs. Each spec sheet defines if a fixture is under compliance or not.

Littman Brands Contract Lighting proves that ADA compliance places no limit on how cool, intriguing, imaginative, and stylish sconces can be. Discover more about ADA compliance here and consider enhancing your project with award-winning design and exceptional craft from our group of brands that sets the lighting standard in every important way.

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