Project Name: Indian Trail Club

Project Location: Franklin Lakes, NJ

Design Firm: Kris Pienschke of Judd Brown Designs

Photo Credit: Nat Rea

Indian Trail Club

Located in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, near the beautiful rolling hills of the Ramapo Mountains, the Indian Trail Club makes a perfect venue for anyone looking to enjoy stunning scenic views with contemporary sophistication. During a recent redesign of its buildings, which included an add-on of a bar and lounge as well as a ballroom area, Littman Brands Contract worked with Kris Pienschke from Judd Brown Designs on designing new custom fixtures inspired by Troy Lighting’s standard collections.

The ballroom, bar, and lounge areas are nestled on top of a small hill that overlooks Franklin Lake. The inspiration behind the design was to bring the gorgeous natural woods and waterfront views inside. Troy Lighting had ideal designs that add a layer of grandeur and without imparting a cumbersome quality. “They had the look and style that we were looking for,” said Pienschke. “The light fixtures spoke to that concept and were able to capture that element in a refined demeanor.”

The ballroom is outfitted with custom fixtures which took inspiration from Troy Lighting’s Sausalito hanging chandelier. They designed this version to be a pared-down statement piece in an elegant satin aluminum finish. The ballroom had numerous ceiling configurations which produced an extra challenge when designing the custom fixtures. The wings on the outside of the space have lower ceilings while the center is raised. Judd Brown Designs ended up using four smaller fixtures that spoke to one larger one in the middle. Since the ballroom’s location has a view that peers directly over the water, the lights needed to be designed in a way that was able to play to the scale of the room while maintaining the prominent view of the lake. “We came up with a design that has the essence of a drum done in an open metalwork,” said Pienschke. “We contemporized the arms that held the light fixtures in place and added the decorative chain, which is this chandelier’s version of adding crystals.”

The design concept behind the lighting in the bar and lounge area started first with the hanging chandeliers. Judd Brown Designs took an existing Troy Lighting standard product, the Morgan chandelier, and modified it to fit the space. “We didn’t want to use just your normal, everyday type of lantern,” said Pienschke. “This fixture had a lantern- meets-contemporary type of feel and style. We use lanterns quite a bit, but we wanted to add a little twist to this one — to complement the space and the ceiling.”

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